DoctorsMassage Cycle-Massage Therapy System is a based of of the wave of motion produced by the Cycloid mechanics.

The Vascular system greatly benefits from the Cycloidal vibration which is characterized by small amplitude, low frequency vibrations that produce motion in three different directions. Below is an example of the vascular dilation process with DoctorsMassage Cycle Therapy.


The amplitude of the vibration is typically in the range of 0.1 and 0.5 mm with a frequency typically in the range of 15-75 hertz and an acceleration rate of approximately 28 m/s
2. The nature of the waves allows for deep penetration, as distinct from other forms of mechanical massage. Modern CV motors utilize either 12 V or 24 V to drive eccentrically mounted weights producing radial plane oscillations.

Unlike DoctorsMassage, conventional massage products typically operate in a singular plane, either delivering percussive impacts, or orbital oscillations. The standard vibrations produced are high amplitude, high acceleration and have a high fundamental frequency that can damage tissues, especially during wound healing. Conversely, Cycloidal Vibration Technology is faster at relaxing muscles by virtue of the extra dimensions of action, has deeper penetration, promotes wound healing.